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Wildlife Rehabilitation Training Classes

Want to get started in wildlife rehabilitation or need continuing education credits? We offer a wide range of classes from online to onsite

Become a Member

Join WRI and make a difference in the lives of wildlife. Members are eligible for board and committee positions or can help out at the Center once a month.

The Center

View the progress of the Wildlife Response and Rehabilitation Center located in Virginia Beach.

Volunteer Opportunities

Want To make a difference helping wildlife? We have many volunteer opportunities for skill levels from administrative to manual labor, from special events to once a month tasks. If you do not see one that fits your needs, let us know and we can create an opportunity.

Questions about Wildlife?

We offer information about local wildlife and initial screenings, as well as rescue and transport tips.

WRI Hotline

Need Wildlife Assistance? Give us a Call at 757-543-7000


Checkout the items we need to help keep the rehabilitation efforts moving. Every little bit counts!

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Wildlife Response, Inc. is a distinctive 501c3 volunteer organization devoted solely to the care of orphaned, injured, and displaced native wildlife. We are dedicated to increasing awareness of wildlife rehabilitation to the public. Our organization depends primarily upon the private donations for its programs and services.  

The Wildlife Response and Rehabilitation Center will be a centrally located facility where citizens, animal control officers and other agencies can drop off wildlife. In addition, the Center will provide a redistribution center for animals to be triaged, and then sent to permitted-based wildlife rehabilitators for care. The Center is expected to open in 2018.


Donation Campaign Descriptions

Donate for the General Fund

By donating to our general fund you help to:

  • Protect wildlife Fund wildlife rehabilitation efforts
  • Provide medical treatment and care for rescued wildlife
  • Rehabilitate wildlife and return them to protected habitats
  • Help fund our 24 hr Wildlife Response Hotline Educate communities and the general public on wildlife conservation

Donate to the building of our Wildlife Center

Help us to raise $750,000 to start building a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Hampton Roads. 

There is a definite need for a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in this area. Since construction of houses, shopping centers, etc has met the destruction of the natural habitats that our wild neighbors once inhabited, we have a moral obligation to make things right for them. Each year, the number of wild animals that need help increases. Each year, the community relies on the help from a handful of licensed wildlife rehabilitators who do their work with no financial assistance derived from any local, state, or federal government. Most of the wild animals rescued and brought to Wildlife Response rehabilitators were attacked by family pets, struck by vehicles, poisoned intentionally and unintentionally, and still others were made orphans when their mothers were trapped and relocated or killed.

Please help, however small to fund the construction of this native Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

Donate to the Pelican Fund

Approximately 50 pelicans came into rehab the winter each year.  These pelicans are underweight, suffered from frostbite or had other injuries.  Healthy pelicans typically weigh between 6 and 10 pounds.  Many of the pelicans are just 3 or 4 pounds when they are brought into our care.  We provide them with warmth, antibiotics, and food.  We release the pelicans in the spring after the last chance of frost.

Threee dozen pelicans require roughly 125 pounds of fish a day.  Would you donate to the pelican fund?  All donations are greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

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CFC Campaign

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) allows and facilitates regular donations to charities for federal employees.  "The mission of the CFC is to promote and support philanthropy through a program that is employee focused, cost-efficient, and effective in providing all federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all."

WRI is an authorized charity and the campaign is handled by the CFC of South Hampton Roads .  Typically the CFC for each year has deadline of Feb. 1st.  Please be sure contact the CFC of South Hampton Roads for more information and for pledge forms. 

Our charity number for the CFC is 23037.

More information about the CFC can be found at .

Thank you for your help.



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