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Education Animals

Black Vulture

WRI Black Vulture

Our newest education animal is a Black Vulture. He was hit by a car and cant be released because he can no longer fly. Vultures are very important to our local ecosystems. They are scavengers. They eat dead animals "carion," reducing them to only bones. He does not eat his food whole, he eats strips of meat. Black Vultures are very loyal to their families.

Box Turtle

Our Box Turtle was the last survivor of a nest of eggs that were scavenged by birds. He was smaller than a half dollar when he was donated to WRI. He is growing and thriving currently on display at the Virginia Living Museum. He will be released in the Fall. He likes to eat worms, crickets, green vegetables and leaves.

Corn Snake

WRI Corn Snake

The Corn Snake was donated to WRI. He is a captive bred snake. Corn Snakes are native to Virginia but appear in pet stores too. Our corn snake is very popular with children at events. He is exhibited in a small container but lives in a large 50 gallon tank with four different hiding holes. He eats one jumbo mouse a week.

Great Horned Owl

WRi Great Horned Owl

The WRI Great Horned Owl is a female that was hit by a car. She had a broken wing that did not heal properly. She can't be released because she can't fly and can't catch her own food. She is our most requested visitor at educational events. She eats up to five mice a day. Owls eat their prey whole and later spit out a pellet of hair and bones.

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