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Wildlife Rehabilitation Training Classes

Wildlife Response is now offering a selection of Independent Study classes for continuing education units (CEUs). The classes are free to members of Wildlife Response Inc. Non-member cost is $10.00 per class.

The following is a list of available classes and dates available:
• Rehabilitation of Mink (2 CEUs)
• Rehabilitation of Muskrat (2 CEUs)
• Cleaning 101-keeping the rehabilitator safe (1 CEU)
• Rehabilitation of Grey Squirrels and Flying Squirrels (3 CEUs)
• Disease and Injury in the squirrel (2 CEUs)
• Zoonotic Diseases in Wildlife (2 CEUs)
• Lifestyles of the Furred-The Natural History of Wildlife and Its importance to Rehabilitation-(2 CEUs)
• Rehabilitation of the River Otters (1 CEU)
• Rehabilitation of the North American Beaver (1 CEU)
• Teaching the Fledgling Human (1 CEU)
• Identification of Threatened and Endangered Wildlife in Hampton Roads- (2 CEUs)

To request a class, submit an email request to Suzanne McBride, Director of Rehabilitation and Education at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the class name requested. You will be sent the research paper and a questionnaire based on information presented. Some classes require a sketch of an enclosure you would build for a specific species. Answers to the questionnaire can be returned via email or mail.

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